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Serena Williams Reveals What She Did With Her First Million Dollar Check!!

The tennis star, American Serena Williams, has pocketed more than $ 84 million over the course of her career. However, she revealed that after earning her first million, she did not get any of that money, depositing it directly at the bank, before leaving.

“I remember, I went through the bank to deposit my check (…),” said the champion in an interview with Ininterrupted.
Williams added that for her, tennis has never been paid. She always played for the love of the game. Actually, she forgot to touch her checks.

Serana Williams

”  When I became a professional, I had to go get my check,” “I never did, I never took it, so at the end of the year the tournament directors handed me the check, Would never seek it. “

Serena Williams, 35, whose career is valued at more than $ 84 million, says her parents taught her the value of money at a young age.

I never felt like a broke,” she told Carter in the video . “Looking back, I tell myself, wow, we lived in a two-bedroom house with seven people … I do not know how my parents could make me feel that way, but they did, and c ‘Was something really special’.


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