Serena Williams Made A Spectacle Of Her Pregnancy- Her Nude Pose Has Riled Up Africans (Photos+ Reactions)

According to reports, Vanity fair paid Serena big money just to shame and she fell for it feeling proud as she exposed her body for the shoot, and for this, Africans are pissed.

This is ‘disgraceful’ ‘shameful’ ‘madness’ ‘disgusting’…for more adjectives, check the comments and photos below.

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  1. I don’t know why ppl are stressing about Serena expecially Africans. Serena has been nude before maybe u didn’t see it, I believe for some kind of cancer cause or women’s. I remembered because I used to take care of a lady who loved the Williams Sisters and tennis ,I do too. I bought her that issue, (2008), it was on reader’s digest. I said, “see ur Serena”! And, she too was disappointed. But, in sports, the body is looked upon as a form of Art. Am not making excuses for her. I don’t care for nakedness but, she’s one of the greatest sports person in the world and now pregnant, u know they will come for her (Won a Australia open while pregnant, an achieve) . I just wondered about her faith, does she think it matters? I mean, Jehova witness don’t even celebrate birthdays. She certainly looks beautiful, skin/body and all. It made me think of an Amazonic being…

  2. with all you have aquired, look at your shameless body being show to the world, you are a disgrace to black hood,

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