Rihanna: Discover How Her New Found Billionaire Boyfriend Managed To Seduce Her!

It’s no secret. The American singer, Rihanna, is no longer a heart to take. For those who do not know, read here Popular Singer, Rihanna Lands A Saudi Billionaire Beau, Hassan Jameel- ‘Who Says Love Has Boundaries’

According to information reported by the Daily Mail, the beautiful Barbadian would have told her friends that she was “in love” with her new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, who is actually a Saudi billionaire.

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And it is not difficult to understand why Rihanna completely fell under the spell of his beautiful Saudi heir, as it is revealed that he chartered a life-size teddy bear in a totally empty private jet to impress him.


The billionaire, whose family owns the right to distribute Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia, courted the 29-year-old singer at the beginning of their relationship with this “big romantic gesture serious.”

And the cuddly gift seems to have worked, as Rihanna has been spotted kissing Hassan on holiday in Spain this week.

Speaking of the great gesture, one source told The Sun: “This sounds scandalous, but these guys are obviously in a different world for the rest of us, even if their standards are great romantic gestures.”

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But if the two lovebirds seem to be happy, this new idyll would not be to the liking of everyone. Still according to “The Sun”, it would seem that Naomi Campbell could not bear to see them cooing together. Remember that the American top model had a romantic relationship with Hassan Jameel last summer: “Nobody knows exactly what happened between Naomi and Hassan, but what is certain is that she hates being The second choice, “says one informant.

Search result for "rihanna et hassan jameel"

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