Rapper French Montana Criticized For Calling A Black Woman ““Nappy, Dusty.”!!

French Montana couldn’t absorb the heat of the social media outrage following his undermining Instagram comment about a Black woman.

The comment trended for several hours before the rapper finally responded after receiving criticisms for calling an African-American woman a “nappy, dusty.”

He took to Twitter to defend his sentiments. He used the fact that his son was black to justify his demeaning attack and to reply to a follower who called him anti-Black in a tweet.

French Montana has been in the rapping industry for quite some time and considered as a horrible rapper by his fans because of his fondness for attacking women.

The rapper ought to have texted the lady to criticize her below standard rapping and go about his business instead of responding to the young lady in the most disgusting way ever.

The sad news is that several black fans defended the rapper. Do you think French Montana used those words to his ex Khloe Kardashian?

Even though French Montana isn’t black, he shouldn’t rip off of black culture since he is fond of dating the black women.

Montana followed up with another tweet about his family’s heritage. He said that his mother was an African Queen and besides, he was married to a beautiful black queen. All I did was defending myself if I offended anybody I apologize.”

Montana also called into The Breakfast Club to explain himself. “I don’t care what the people are saying, but I just can’t take it when someone’s trying to come at me. I love the queens. and I don’t understand why they decided to turn it into the racist thing. Other things that are more racist that we should worry about,” he concluded.

Racism against the black people had a horrific and evil history. Thanks to the campaign that undermined the trend. Being black today means nothing since you are also a recipient of privileges experienced by the white people.

The good news is that being a black woman comes with an earned advantage such as the art of being intelligent and maintains the black beauty.

French Montana should avoid the strangest conversations on Twitter about the black women. He should use his celebrity status to promote the black community rather than undermining them.

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