#Racism- This Day, 14th April 1971 Supreme Court Upholds Racial Desegregation In Schools! (Video)

It has been around even before most generations were born. Racism had been in existence and social segregation had wormed its deep into the roots of human relations. Children suffered more in schools due to the pangs of Racial discrimination. Before the ruling of the Supreme Court the war was more in the Classrooms than even outside it. Amazing how these children knew what skin color to relate with and which to avoid.

However 14TH April 1971, the Supreme Court ruled and instilled measures to foster desegregation. This was the act of eliminating laws and customs that separate two groups referred to as races.

To an extent findings show that this school desegregation fundamentally changed the people who lived through it, yet had a more limited impact on the larger society. Public schools faced enormous challenges during the late 1970s as educators tried to facilitate racial integration amid a society that remained segregated in terms of housing, social institutions, and often employment.

Nonetheless, desegregation made the vast majority of the students who attended these schools less racially prejudiced and more comfortable around people of different backgrounds. After high school, however, their lives have been far more segregated as they re-entered a more racially divided societ

So the question Is When exactly is Racism ending? If the fight has been since 1900s, then when are going to be rid of it…See video of racial discrimination in the classroom



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