OPINION: Why Are Black People Obsessed With The Bible That Was Used To Enslave Them?

When I became a born-again Christian in 2008, I started studying the bible word for word. I would spend hours a day reading all commentaries for all the verses I studied.

The more I studied the bible the more I realised that most of the Christians around me did not believe everything that was in the bible. It was either they did not know half of the bible or they knew and chose to ignore. As a person who always thought deeply about things, it was crystal clear to me that half of the bible was very disturbing to the human mind. If today people lived by the bible rules from Genesis to Revelation, they would be deemed mentally unstable, barbaric or even evil.

If a man ra’ped a woman, their punishment was to marry the woman by paying a dowry to the father. It was irrelevant whether the woman loved the man or not. There was no such thing as human rights as we know today. In wars, the Israelites would kill their enemies, including the women and children without mercy, and would take the virgins to be their wives.

Bible character Lot offered his own virgin daughters to be gang-raped by men of Sodom so that the angels of the Lord would be spared. But in the eyes of God, he was a righteous man.

There are a lot of other practices and laws in the bible which today are seen as beyond barbaric. The Christians of today will skip all those disturbing scriptures and cherry pick on the ones which are positive and makes them feel good, both in the New And Old Testament.

One of the biblical scriptures that remain untouched today is SLAVERY. The hard truth is that both in the New and Old Testament, slavery was never condemned by God. The biblical era itself was an era of slavery. Slave masters were told how to buy slaves and how to treat them. In the New Testament, slaves were simply ordered to obey their masters. Jesus Christ himself was mute on the issue of slavery, He never said a word against the practice, which was very common in His day. He could have simply told the slaves of His day to start social movements to fight against the injustices of slavery. Slaves could have started a “Slaves Lives Matter” movement, protesting in the streets, but Jesus Christ never encouraged such.

The new Christians themselves had slaves. In the book of Philemon, the Apostle Paul sent a slave who had escaped back to his Christian master, because it was the “right thing” to do.

When I first became a Christian, I remember writing about the topic of slavery according to what the bible said, and the article was obviously not well received.

Now, this brings me to the black man, the white man, and slavery. Today black people are always looking for answers as to why they are still suffering and why they were enslaved. But the truth is the white men did not introduce slavery to the world. It was there since the beginning of time. In fact in Africa, slavery was rife way before the white men landed there. Black people had black slaves. When the white men got to Africa, they were introduced to the concept of slavery by the black men. It was the black people/black masters who sold their own slaves to white people. Black people were fighting each other, tribe against tribe, enslaving the defeated tribes. The white men simply saw an opportunity and beat the black people at their own game.

The whites had something the blacks did not have, the BIBLE. The good book gave them the authority to overpower the black race. The white men taught the black men the bible, and with scriptures like these, they were justified to enslave. “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Colossians 3:22”

Today the black men still cry that they were enslaved by whites, but will not accept the fact that they played a huge part in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In no way am I saying the white men were justified in what they did, but I believe the bigger blame is actually with the people who sold their own brethren into slavery. Who is more to blame, the slaves who bought Joseph or his own brothers who sold him into slavery? Black people will never get anywhere unless they stop preaching half-truths about racism, colonization, and slavery. We have to confront our own history and deal with it.

Our forefathers allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the bible so that they could be enslaved. They were not smart enough to think for themselves at this point. They were even more in numbers than the whites, yet with the bible, they were conned into slavery, in one of the greatest evils ever done to mankind.

If black people are asked to think critically when holding the same bible that enslaved them, they refuse to question whats in the bible as they fear they will be sinning against God.

The white slave masters were bible believing “sincere” Christians. They went to Africa to spread the gospel and saw an opportunity to enslave black people to make their lives better using the very gospel they were spreading.

Today the white man has finished with the bible, in fact they are finished with God. They have removed God from their schools and systems. They are now the masters of atheism. They call the bible an evil uncivilized book. However, they are still reaping the benefits of what the bible gave them, slavery and colonization. They are the most privileged people in the world, and the only reason why they are privileged is because their forefathers used the bible to enslave black people and better their lives, and that is the inheritance of white people.

As for black people, still divided today, still suffering as hell, still experiencing the after-effects of colonization which will probably never end, they will hold and defend the bible till death. The blacks are forever trying so hard to get to where the white man is today, but no matter how the blacks try, they are not able to catch up. Africa seems to be getting worse by the day, black people are going mad with Christianity, some even drinking sewage because their pastor says so. Last year in Nigeria a pastor and his congregation were burnt to death after he poured petrol on himself and the congregation and lit the room on fire saying God would not allow them to burn.

Even though I am a black woman, I fail to understand black people. All I know is there is something seriously wrong with them, and it only comes out when they hold the bible. I do not understand why we are now the main defenders of the religion that was used to enslave us? I do not understand why it is only us who refuse to put the bible down for even 10 minutes just to “think”. I do not understand why we moan about racism, slavery, and oppression when the bible we love so much clearly does not condemn it.

If you want to be where the whites are today, the only solution is to do what the white people do today; which is to question everything and think. Remove the bible from your head for just one hour and question and think. It’s not being demon possessed and it’s not being evil, its called freedom. Unless you will ever get to this place, as black people you will forever be in chains. And it is clear to me that even in 2017, black people are not ready for freedom.

As I finish this article, I leave my readers with only two questions. Why are black people so obsessed with the bible, which is the book that caused their suffering? And why is it that they are the only people who when holding the bible refuse to question anything or think?

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  1. We blacks as we acepted to be called , even though we are not black, but just richly dark, we are soo stupid that we hate everything about ourselves prefering otherwise to loving everything that is foreign especially that from pink europeans who taught us to call them white in an effort to convince us that they were superior than us who they addressed as black which they associate with evil.

    They say, being ignorant is a choice these days with all the technology, but sad enough the most educated of our africans are even more stupid than the uneducated, I don’t get that myself. I think the education curriculum being used in africa is outdated it should be overhauled as fast as possible if we are to save our planet from this plague called christianity.

  2. First and foremost I’d like us to appreciate the fact that we are all great thinkers be it black or white we all have great minds to help us manouver our way through logic.
    Now clearing the misunderstandings.
    1. God didn’t look at lot as righteous intact he asked Abraham if he cud offer him one righteous man and he failed to but it was after Abraham interceded for the brother that God so it fit to save Him. You may have read the Bible in bits and pieces but you got that wrong.
    2. That scenario of Lot trying to give away his daughters was entirely wrong I must admit but it was also to show you that men were so obsessed with sodomy that they’d rather have the men over women a glimpse of how profane their minds were. But offcourse in as much as you blame some Christians for picking out the gud stuff. It’s just the same you’re doing to support your argument.
    3. Slavery actually still exists in our modern times and in a more refined way just that the evolution of language has got it hid in context. What you call maids or waiters or nannys things along those lines were the same duties that slaves were meant to perform and in fact we’ve just made it pleasurable by adding payments to it but still stands under the same category so I don’t know why there is so much fuss on why Africans have so much adopted the very tools that were used to enslave them.
    4. If Slavery has been apart of us way before the Bible was, wht then is the point of this whole article in an effort to ridicule the whites who just so happen to be smarter than us with regards to our own game. How does it even translate to that being the BIBLE’s fault if all it said was in line with was already going on. Should we be blaming the Bible or the Bible users.
    5. Your claim that the whites have thrown away the Bible is actually ridiculous, you are least likely to be aware of apologetics who so happen to be predominantly white otherwise it wud make sense from your view to have most of them being black but since your view is biased I’d let you do further research on that. You’d actually be shocked that there’s quite a number of African atheists who are purely gullible in thought and a number black Christians who like some of us have actually put a measure of rational thought into this whole Biblical perspective.
    6. Jesus saying slaves obey your masters was like somebody saying today, workers obey your bosses and how will that be entirely in our era? And and like I sed this whole slavery naming just got changed but the act still lives on masked with beautiful nomenclatures.
    7. I am tired and sick of people who pretend and all act all smart on others most especially none believers against believers claiming that the latter don’t really give some thought to what they believe in. I mean we all give thought to that but that doesn’t mean that we should them come to the same conclusions and that if we don’t we them qualify as simply dillusioned followers of the book.
    8. I must admit that your claims of becoming a born again Christian are just ambiguous and aimed at capturing people’s mindset towards a certain perspective of you but nevertheless everyone is granted their own opinion.
    9. Christianity isn’t originally “whitish” as most presume it to be, it’s Jewish and it was simply spread to the white who adopted it and spread it to Africa with personal interests as well. So the blame is not really on the Book but the people and that’s wht the article is trying to flip over to favor its stand.
    10. Putting the Bible aside doesn’t really make a difference in thought besides breeding selfishness and mental brutality towards oneself and others over what occurred ages past. I’ve seen purely selfless seekers of good giving detailed and logical thoughts with regards to what the Bible entails without necessarily putting it aside.

    In réponse to the questions
    1. Its entirely false to assume that when Africans are holding the Bible they refuse to question everything. I mean look at how ridiculous that assumption is and even if I were not I’dnt subscribe to such a school of thought cox it’s too general and unrealistic for rationality’s sake.

    In conclusion
    I must admit this is a passion driven script with a lot of emotion and selfless pain in there but your assumptions are just so gruesome to bare with and despite the fact that there’s actually some truth in the article it really doesn’t pass the biase test as such one would rather revise it to eliminate most of the biase and gruesome assumptions to make it worth the while.

    Kind Regards
    From A black apologetic African who so happens to be a born again Christian utterly surprised with the conclusions being drawn in this article.

  3. Qur’an 033.026-027
    YUSUF ALI: “And those of the People of the Book (Hebrews) who aided them – Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners. (Slaves) And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things.” Muslims started the “African” slave trade but did they enslave Africans or Hebrew Israelites? The same question can be asked about the Atlantic slave trade. Were Africans selling Africans or Hebrew Israelites?

  4. The Bible actually freed black people by letting us know that despite slavers’ perversion that we are equal in God’s sight to anyone else. The Holy Scriptures gave us hope that no other source could.

    In fact, preaching to slaves was expressly forbidden by slaveowners for many years because those devils explicitly did not want slaves to know scripture, which teaches that all are equal before God.

    Unlike too many Bible critics, the overall black community had and still has understanding, intelligence and discernment, and can tell the difference between the Bible’s actual teachings and certain hypocritical people who claim to believe yet refuse to practice what it teaches.

  5. Don’t talk about the Bible, or a Black man’s faith it, with ignorance. There were sevearl reasons for slavery that were justifiable in the Bible, war prisoners, payment of debt, punishment for crimes. To some extent, they still exist today. What the Bible didn’t approve of was economic slavery and slaves illegal or otherwise, had GOD’s protection. US slavery today is restricted to punishment for crime only. That’s what you see when you pass by the “chain gangs” cleaning up the interstate. They’re “at hard labor”. Slavery before the Civil War was the unbiblical “Economic” kind where you used humans for free labor. GOD NEVER sanctioned that. Also when you hear of how they were beaten to deformity or dead, he and his family were required by GOD’s law to be freed.

  6. Just know that it was never Gods intent for man to rule over man. This concept of slavery came after mans fall from direct communication with the Almighty God. Your thought that “the blacks are forever trying so hard to get where the white man is today” comes from inside this current system that is going to be destroyed and replaces with a paradise earth. Can you imagine not having a mortgage, successfully growing your own food, being able to travel across the land with no fear of being murdered, no homelessness, no sickness, No Death? That’s what God wanted for us. but because Adam believed in the lie that you can decide for yourself what is right and wrong, here we are living in a system opposite of what God planned for us. The great thing is that Gods plan for us is still on track for us. Skin color was never a beneficial a deciding factor for God; it’s a tool for Satan.

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