Occultic Ghanaian Nurse Confesses To Killing Over 175 People [VIDEO]

An ex-nurse in the public sector has confessed to being responsible for the death of over 175 people, as part of her occultic activities.

The said nurse, identified only as Mary, revealed that she became a part of an occultic group during her time at the Nursing Training College.

According to her, a close friend introduced her into it, while also confessing to being responsible for the death of many babies that were brought to the hospital where she worked.

Speaking on Vision One FM, the former nurse, currently in her 30s, said: “I did not have any feeling for human being. I could sit and eat and watch people die and later prepare them for the mortuary.”

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She added that at a point she began to kill children for sacrifices, revealing that the church was the place where she normally got her victims.

According to her, she began to exercise so much power that she nearly got the mark of the beast from the devil.

Watch the full video below:


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