“Men, Generally Don’t Like Me,” – Says Leslie Jones.

Even for those who were hurt by their previous relationship can’t deny that at one point, they were consumed with love. This is to show how love relationship is so much sweet and treasured.

At least everyone wants to be loved. And this time I am specific—not agape love, but the romantic love. But unfortunately, this has not always gone in line with other people’s expectation.

Maybe you are just wishing or even praying that you get that partner who will just be there for you to fulfill every gap that you currently feel, but whenever you get a partner, you just realize that he or she can’t do it. Or in some cases, he or does it, but he/she doesn’t actually love you. Therefore you end saying “I am comfortable with who I am—single”

This might be the case with Leslie Jones.

The Saturday Night Live star is single! And she doesn’t care who knows it!

Just recently, Leslie 49, took to Twitter to clear up any confusion concerning her current relationship status.

“So that everybody knows. There was never a secret boyfriend,” Leslie tweeted. “I’ve got terrible luck with men. This’s Real talk. They don’t like me lol!!”

Her tweet came after she joked about having a “secret boyfriend” during an appearance on ‘Conan’ a few days ago.

“It’s a secret, so I do not want everyone bothering him,” she said at ‘Conan.’ “I don’t want to sit on TV and be like, ‘Oh, the kind of man I am looking for …’ and then I will talk to him, and he will be like, ‘Yeah, I heard you say, you want this type of dude. Just don’t get me in trouble!” the actress said.

But the tweet isn’t a surprise to those who follow Leslie. Jones is known for being frank about her personal life online, and responding directly to any scandals or rumors.

Following the August hacking of Jones’ personal website, which saw nude pics and personal information exposed, the actress courageously addressed the matter while appearing on ‘SNL.’

“All they just did was releasing some nude photos of me—which is nothing since I don’t know if you all know this about me. But I ain’t shy,” Leslie said during the ‘Weekend Update’ segment. “I’m very comfortable with who I’m. I’m an open book. I just keep my porn in a folder labeled ‘porn.’ So if you want to see Leslie naked, just ask!”


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