Melania Trump: Wanting To Thank Emmanuel Macron For Her Welcome, She Commits A Blunder That Made People Laugh! (See the tweet)

During her recent visit to Paris with her husband to attend the July 14th parade, Melania Trump, offered the Parisians a real lesson in style, but in return she also enjoyed her stay in the French capital.

So she naturally thanked Emmanuel Macron for his invitation. The First Lady therefore seized her official Twitter account to send a message to the French president but realized in passing a little blunder that made laugh Internet users.

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Unfortunately, the First Lady made two spelling mistakes in the first name of the French Head of State, greeting “Emanuelle” Macron, forgetting an “m” and using the feminine form.

This slightly disappointing moment has been aggravated by the fact that the #EmanuelleMacron account actually exists, defining itself in its description as “#PasCompliceDeMacron #MacronDemission #AntiMacron #MacronDegage #Macron #MacronPasMonPresident #MayMacron”.

The blunder has since been suppressed on the official Twitter account of the First American lady but the parody account welcomed this mark of attention.

The message finally arrived at good destination since the Twitter account of Melania Trump now mentions @EmmanuelMacron. The honor is except: “Thanks to Emmanuel Macron and the Parisians for your kind hospitality – @potus and I took advantage of our visit. “

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