ITALY: A White Child Has Refused To Stand In Front Of An African Player! You won’t believe why??

Antonio Rudiger, is a 24 years old African player who plays soccer for Italy’s A.S. Roma. The Roma defender had to play as fans chanted racist obscenities at him during their game against Lazio. It got so bad the announcer had to threaten to stop the game if the racist chants continued.

Rudiger is African as earlier said. He was born in Berlin to a German father and a mother from Sierra Leone.

During a football match in Italy between AS Roma and Torino. A child did not want to stand next to an African player. Antonio Rudiger was born in Berlin on 3 March 1993 by a German father and a mother from Sierra Leone.

The little boy refused to stand in front of Antonio Rudiger because he felt that he looked like a monkey according to witnesses. Italy is often categorized as a very racist country.

The ignorance that plagues the world (because I can’t say this country, racism is everywhere) is truly sad.

When they do, they sing monkey songs and throw bananas at African players.

Many Africans do not believe in racism because they do not live it and it is mainly because of this that the continent is exploited on a daily basis. The best way to combat racism is to denounce and educate the youngest.

It must have been difficult for Antonio to see himself treated as a monkey by a kid. Living like this because of the color of one’s skin in football or any other vocation is remarkably unacceptable. This kid was badly educated by his family.

These behaviors of another age must be sanctioned with the utmost energy by the competent authorities of FIFA.

What do you think?

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  1. Adults condone this racist child`s actions because the child in question should have been disallowed to take a picture if not prepared to do so while standing in front of the African player. I also blame the African player`s team mates for failing to take a stand in support of their team mate. Collectively they should have stated that without their team mate and a child in front of him, there will be no photo shoot @ all meaning a boycott!

    • You are so correct. When these things happen and others don’t step in and cagetorigally renounce it then it will continue. Shame on his team mates. This did not affect them directly so it was business as usual for them. They expect him to play his part as a team member on the field but when it comes to him being discriminated against then he is not a part of the team. This is precisely why racism continues. Too many turn a blind eye because it does not affect them directly.

    • Or this is just a picture and it so happens that the black player didn’t have any children in front of him and this was just fake news and bait click

    • I SUPPORT You, Mr Radebe! He should have been REMOVED and replaced if possible. This is a reflection of what his parents say or do at home…. Nonsense!!!
      I lived in Milan, Italy and even had my baby there, 40 years ago and NEVER had any racial issue there. Italians are VERY friendly people. I know……. They do to look at the color of your skin. I still visit Milan and still enjoy my holidays there. So this boy’s action comes from his home!

  2. Shame on the Italian government shame shame shame that action speaks more about the silent suffering of black people. We should come together and strengthen our mother land Africa after all they need us more than we do.

  3. Comment*Being black is not easy, his skin his sin. This kids reaction was due to the information he got from his parents.

    • still does not make it right, public humiliation to the highest; and guess what, the institutionalisation of the Black mind-set is clear for all to see, and the officials, the team players, the media, the fans all condone the behaviour as if its the reality.21st Century we o longer Physically enslaved, but we certainly are Mentally.

  4. I agree with every one here, the teammates should defend him and there will be no photo session, still no reaction then consider not to renew the contract when it ends, no purpose for him to be there, they just treat him like a monkey eventhough how good his performance are.

    • Fake fake fake…….you all need to stop being so gullible and believing everything uou read on the internet……you can research stuff for yourselves…….

      • Hey Horatio you sound just like Trump ! it is not fake news .. it actually happened and there are pictures and a lot of media coverage to prove it..

        • Then explain why no one here in Italy noticed that, Roma and Torino played 2 weeks ago (not the other day), and why that pic is takne from a game between Roma and Carpi (that was in serie A for the first and last time, last season, so about one year ago)

      • Did you research this on the on the internet, then ok go a head since you know what is gong n in this picture enlighten us all.

  5. I also blame us black people for always wanting to fit in areas where it’s clearly written, not for you. There is no way racism will be defeated if only one party is fighting for its distraction. On the other hand black people are also now as racist, just look around social media and see how vile people are on this issue of race. It’s like black people saying it’s cool to call each other niggaz but it becomes a racial statement when any other race uses the same word. I think both sides need to change here if in the long run we want kids to not copy it

    • This is a fake news article. This photo was intended to be of the other player giving his jacket to a cold child. The fact that the other child is not standing in front of Rudiger is just kids being kids and not following directions. There is enough racism in this world that we don’t need to make any up, and certainly that child and his parents don’t deserve to be villainized. Shame.

      • LOL… yeah right.. The photo WAS to be that. But there was something else going on. So now it is of both. Yes he did not follow instructions. But why didn’t he? smh. you people see what you want to see and try to make us wear the blinders you may have once put on us. But no more.

  6. They forgot that Africans are equal with anyone. Read abouth the Battle of Adwa in 1896 when Italians lost to Africans… four times.

  7. If i were the black guy on that pitch, I know there would be a huge smile on my face not for joy naaah, but just at how hilarious the situation is whatever the reason. Now the way i see it, this situation can be interpreted in many different ways. I am in absolutely no way going to blame that child even if the child was acting on racist tendencies passed down by parents/society, but then again there is heavy weight on the possibility that there may be no discriminatory intention involved on the part of the child. I mean for instance it is possible that the child didn’t want to feel singled out and just wanted to be like everyone else and didnt know how else to express that than by going to stand where his mates stood. It could be that he thought the black guy would be offended by him standing in front of him, or he simply was confused and didnt know or wasnt sure where he was supposed to stand. it could be that he wanted to stand right next to the girl (who maybe was his sister), or it could be that he had a preference to stand in front of a particular player. Ofcourse some reasons are more plausible than others, but what i am saying is that racism is not the only possible plausible explanation especially because the actor here is a child. Most likely he would grow up to see this picture and feel quite a bit of shame but ofcourse no harm intended. As for the black player I am impressed by his countenance in this picture. He just appeared unphased by it where l think the lilly minded would go after the child. Thumbs up there

  8. All that was needed was for the organisers to always have a mixed arrangement of kids. African players should automatically mean african kids. I bet Anthonio has nephews that would have loved being on that pitch. #diversebeauty

  9. The white people originated from a monkey like creatures called neaderthals and are literally not human so they think they can turn the cards and lie to their children that Africans are not human and due to lack of brains the kids fail to ask why they look like an African albinos !!!!

  10. Are there no black kids in Italy? it would have been good if this guy matched to the pitch with a little black beauty in his hands.

  11. I have been to Italy 7 times and have never seen any racism or experienced any racist antics by anyone. I see articles like this one and I am shocked especially based on the number of Blacks that live in Italy. I have also been to Spain 4 times, Sardinia 4 times, and Germany twice. All of this was during the years of 1975-1995 and not once did I experience racism. I think more investigation into this article needs to be done as this may just be an isolated incident by one ignorant family of bigots. His teammates should have done something when this happened as well as other players. The only racism I experienced in Europe was minor and it was in England.

  12. Robert Boyd comments, ” The only racism I experienced in Europe was minor and it was in England.” Racism, MINOR? Moving on…….
    The player with two kids in front of him could have asked the racist kid to leave the field. If racism doesn’t trouble you then you are a racist yourself.

  13. They aren’t even Roma and Torino, this news is just an opinion, that child went to Naingolann just because is one of the best player of the A.S. Roma, nothing else !

  14. but it was allow by the official and the organization and MK stop it with your comment , start to accept things for what it is , How can they be no other kids , this is something been going on for a long time , kids march on the field with teams and it is a great things for kids , which kids would not want to do this .. this is why things of this nature keep happen because people like you cant and will not believe and accept the reality of things .

  15. It won’t be long before all children in Europe will be used to black and brown people as the white population is below replacement level in every European country their refusal to embrace alternative fuels globally has changed the mean temperaTURE OF THE PLANET AND INCREASED uv RADIATION CAUSING INFERTILITY AND EARLY MORTALITY IN PEOPLE WITHOUT THE PROTECTION OF MELANIN.Its a fact chem trails and vegan diets wont change the situation even if Putin pays all Europe to have babies it is beyond their control.They are on the decline the same as their ancestors the Neandertal.

  16. Could it be that this was just a small child, very shy and afraid of strangers?? I am black and a small child called me the chocolate lady it’s how children behave! This boy needs some encouragement to not be afraid!

  17. That child wasn’t born with that mentality.
    He must have been indoctrinated by the parents. Later in his life, same parents would complain of his anti-social behavior and consult psychiatrists and psychologists for a problem they could have prevented.

  18. I think the two kids both wanted to appear in the picture next to Nainggolan who is more popular, no offense for Rudiger. We should not consider this to be an epidose of racism in kids this age.
    This article is pure misinformation. No other source report the incident. Great example of fake news

  19. Racism is learned, so therefore it can be unlearned. That should that from the young generation. I have lived in the UAE for years and had been a victim of racism on several occasions. I had talked so many times of Love and Respect for each others culture. Racism will only reduce but can never end unless our brothers of the other color see others of different color as humans with Love and Respect. It is our duty to teach the children about Love and Respect and particularly the history of other cultures without laying emphases on the negative aspects but on the positive ones such as tourist potentials. Again Racism is learned, it can be unlearned.

  20. Africans are treated like that because back home the leaders are corrupt and lack patriotism. I believe if African leaders where good and dealt with the issues that bother Africa, blacks would not be moving to such places where they are treated like that. Take an example, Congo has numerous resources but the leaders are corrupt. In Uganda the same is happening. In Zimbabwe the leader is running out of ideas. It is Tanzania that has now got a true patriot that might seem to change the face of Tz. If we can make Africa better, then the world will respect us.

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