INFIDELITY!! Top 5 Of African First Ladies Accused Of Having Deceived Their Husbands…. See the shocking list!!


There is also a common belief that women are obliged to remain faithful even if their husbands are notorious skirts … They are virtually deprived of their marital rights and could starve for months at a time. This betrayed woman will then start sniffing other men to get even much attention they miss.
We can try to apply these theories for the Royal Swazi scandal. In addition to his political commitments, King Mswati has 13 wives; One may wonder what kind of arrangement he has made to ensure that all his women are emotionally taken into account.

Being human, it can take him several weeks or even months to fulfill his marital obligations. Maybe it could mean LaDube was s*xually hungry and had to look for options, the same can apply to Ntuli Zuma.
Various human rights groups believe that King Mswati should not punish the woman or the minister made a mistake since he created this mess. They claim that he hid his infidelity under the mask of polygamy.

5. Nothando Dube


The news about the alleged scandal involving the twelfth wife of Swaziland’s King Mswati III, Nothando Dube, along with the country’s justice minister, Ndumiso Mamba, has been chronicled throughout the world.
Despite all the hype, “LaDube”, as it is famous known in Swaziland, is not the only one. In 2004, two of the wives of Mswati – Delisa Magwaza (LaMagwaza) and Putsoana Hwala (LaHwala) left the royal village following allegations of infidelity.

4. Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma


Right next door, in South Africa, is another nation that has had its fair share of s * xual scandals too! Apart from President Zuma’s love for petticoats, his second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma would have had a torrid adventure with his bodyguard Phinda Thomo, who later committed suicide.

Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma was said to be pregnant with Mr. Zuma’s 21st child, but the allegations raised questions about the paternity of the baby.
A letter from “concerned family members” of Mr. Zuma, claiming that one of his three current wives deceived him with Phinda Thomo, one of his bodyguards, was sent to the newspaper in Zulu language Ilanga.
However, it was not possible to land anyone in prison, as in the case of Swaziland, because the president’s family aims to “protect the image of Zuma”.

3.Winnie Madikizela Mandela


A few years ago, in the same country, Winnie Madikizela Mandela also had a liaison with Dali Mpofu, his deputy in the African National Congress (ANC) Ministry of Social Welfare, which contributed in part to his high-profile divorce .

For a long time Winnie was blind spot of Nelson Mandela. When he could not see the future of the country so clearly, he could not see his nature. Mr. Mandela himself refused to believe a word. At the Winnie trial he stood beside her, not convinced of her dark nature by the verdict of the judge in May 1991 that she was guilty of abduction and assault on Stompie and three other. He also refused for a long time to see that two years after his release, she had an affair with Dali Mpofu, a lawyer who was half his age.

She appointed her deputy in the ANC’s social protection department; She traveled with him to the United States, flights in Concorde to London, sleeping at the Beverly Hills Hotel

In early 1992, she discovered that Mpofu had an affair with another woman. She dumped everything in the public square. On March 17, she wrote him a letter, published by the Johannesburg Sunday Times. “You spend your time bai ser with a lesser emotional excuse,” she writes. “The fact that I have not talked to Tata [Nelson Mandela] for five months now because of it is not your concern. I tell you that the situation is deteriorating at home. You are not disturbed because you satisfy yourself every night with a woman. I will not be your imbe cile, Dali. ”

A month later, in April 1992, the ANC dismissed him from his post and Mr. Mandela announced that the marriage was over.

2. Vera Chiluba


This chain of infidelities in the south of the continent can not be complete without mentioning the former first lady of Zambia Vera Chiluba.

She was accused of having had a romantic relationship with a prominent businessman, Archie Mactribouy, leading to her divorce.
It is a surprising trend! In the dead years, it was the masculine men who stole the show with the permission of their homeless. However, this has since changed with gender roles redefined in various societies. Women are now turning to the tables for extramarital affairs.

1. Grace Mugabe


The wife of President Robert Mugabe -Grace Mugabe has a secret affair with Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, who is also a top confidant of the President for the past fifteen years.

Grace aged 50 who is 41 years younger than Mugabe worked as a secretary before entering a marriage. She and Gono are said to meet as often as three times a month, either at her dairy farm or in hotels in neighboring South Africa.

The revelation as reported in the Sunday Times, said that on his deathbed, Mugabe Sabina’s younger sister warned that he was betrayed by Mr. Gono and his wife, Grace.

Mugabe, desperate to keep the case secret, even put to death the bodyguard to his sister’s deathbed, in August in an effort to prevent the spread of information.

The First Lady is known to have deceived her husband with a former lover, Peter Pamire, who died in a mysterious car accident and another, James Makamba who took a leave out of the country.


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