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Horrified South African Shopper Finds 3.6-meter PYTHON in Supermarket Fridge

A woman shopper in Komatipoort, eastern South Africa, got the shock of her life when she reached into a fridge for a drink and instead found herself pulling at a huge, 3.6-meter African rock python.

Terrified shopper finds 3.6-meter PYTHON in supermarket fridge (photos)

The unnamed woman screamed in terror, prompting the manager of the supermarket, a local Spar outlet, to investigate. When the manager, named as Martie Esnouf, saw the python, she immediately called in a snake catcher.

The snake catcher cleared the freezer and, with the help of a colleague, safely pulled the huge snake out.

Terrified shopper finds 3.6-meter PYTHON in supermarket fridge (photos)

The snake catcher said the python’s internal organs had shut down as the freezer’s cold temperature had induced it to slump into a near-hibernation status. He added that he planned to release it back into the wild away from the supermarket.

Esnouf was uncertain as to how the python got into the shop: “I don’t know it got in there but it could have come in through the roof or the drains and it ended up in the shop fridge.”


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