Drink Pineapple Water In The Morning For A Year And These 10 Things Will Happen To Your Body!!

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, the choices you make about your daily routine increase either the resistance to the disease or annihilate it. This is why you should start your day by focusing on healthy morning rituals such as drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach.


Pineapples provide a rich source of some of the lesser known micronutrients your body needs. The pineapple is filled with the enzyme bromelain, and antioxidant vitamin C, both playing a major role in the body’s healing process.

10 reasons to add pineapple to your water every day

1. combat inflammation

Bromelain is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain helps the body get rid of toxins by fighting inflammation that affects all body tissues and organs. Regular consumption of pineapples can help treat mild forms of arthritis and sports injuries by reducing inflammation and pain.

2. Help with weight loss

Due to the fibers contained in the pineapple, it takes longer to digest, resulting in a prolonged sensation of satiety. Drinking pineapple water in the morning prevents the cravings for sugar and fat. Thiamine helps to boost your metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy.

3. Hunt the parasites of the liver and intestines

Pineapples contain an enzyme, bromelain, which is anti-parisites. Some sources claim that a three-day pineapple fasting will kill the solitary worms.

4. Regulates the thyroid

Pineapples contain iodine and bromelain which are effective in ameliorating various autoimmune disorders; Thus, effective to alleviate the symptoms associated with thyroiditis.

5. Balances the electrolytes

Pineapple contains potassium which helps to make our bodies much stronger and maintain the proper balance of electrolytes in your body which prevents cramps or other injuries.

6. Get rid of heavy metals and toxins

The pineapple is loaded with fiber, beneficial enzymes and a host of antioxidants that help detoxify your body’s heavy metals and toxins.

7. Aid to Digestion

Pineapple bromelain helps the body digest proteins more efficiently.

8. Strengthens the gums and helps to whiten and preserve teeth

A research  has shown that the pineapple bromelain enzyme acts as a natural stain remover, according to Dr. Frawley. Bromelain also helps break plaque effectively.

9. Improves vision

Pineapple contains beta-carotene and vitamin A which are good for eyesight. Data reported in a study published in Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that eating 3 or more servings of pineapple per day can reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss in people elderly.

10. Protects against cancer

A research published in the journal Planta Medica found that bromelain was superior to the chemotherapy drug 5-fluorauracil in the treatment of cancer in a study in animals. The researchers stated: “This antitumor effect [of bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], which had a survival index of about 263%, compared to the non-control group treaty. ”

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