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Donald Trump Reiterates: “Homos’exual Marriage Is A Diabolical Act, It Has No Place In America, America Belongs To God!”

A few seconds after coming to power, the billionaire is very aggressive against the system that has been used to lead the US so far: “We are transferring the power of Washington DC to give it back to you, the people. For too long, a small group confiscated power. “

Since he came to power, Trump began to clean up. It annuls laws and abolishes decrees. And this time, it is the homos’exuals who are attacked.

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“Homos’exual marriage is a diabolical act, it has no place in America, America belongs to God ” says US President Donald Trump.

We remind you that as a candidate, President Trump declared that he was opposed to same-sex marriage and that his Vice-President Pence has taken strong positions on anti-gay rights throughout his political career.


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