Did You Know? There Are No White People in the Bible


Whether you believe it’s all allegory or not, the only time the Bible -the one the world reads in several hundred versions and thousands of languages- speaks of white people is when it refers to the few typical players in Greece and Rome, like Caesar Augustus and Pontius Pilate and the Roman Centurions who carried out The Christ’s execution on the demand of His own people, the “Jews”. Even so, the Greeks of the Aegean were clearly a mixed race, never a pure Anglo-Saxon or ethnic Caucasoidal type

In the effort to deracinate, or to become what Dr. Seuss labeled “star-bellied sneeches with stars upon thars” who switched to “sneeches without stars upon thars” after the bald bellied ones decided to get stars so they could blend in, many originally Black cultures became ‘suddenly white-washed’ in the hands of the newbies on the planet. They were those who conducted a solid reign of terror on Black/colored people from Timbuktu to South Africa and from Russia to South America and back again. These were millions of Black people who had already been on the planet, scientifically speaking, more than a quarter of a million years before the Euros arrived.

But their reign of terror is coming to an end; Soon.

Though their heritage and inheritance harks back only to the beginning of their own civilizations by the ancients of Africa in Greece and Rome less than 10,000 years ago, much of what they were taught is now filled with myths and legends and tales adapted from ancient Africans, their tribes, nations, and languages. Today we call it “cultural attrition,” or appropriating Black culture to make a name for themselves.

Sadly enough, their descendants control the generic narrative by owning 99.9% of the media, so they are fully equipped to investigate, explore, and report the world through white vision goggles, and most of that worldwide effort has gone to discrediting the PROVEN founding fathers of the planet Earth. They have made themselves -in their own minds- far more important than they are, even to God; and too many of us respect that cultural attrition in ways that we never should have.

In their narrative, it’s all about white people, though it was never really about them at all; not at first, anyway. But it was also never about “race” until they made it that way. This was all about the way God actually created the world to work and where it all began and the tribes and clans that developed out of that Creation: In the Indigo Blue-black children of the Nile and its surrounding areas, in ancient “Gondwanaland” prior to the Great Deluge.

The five major religions of the world – Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity – were all started in Africa – Northern Africa and the Far East; and most definitely, Africa was not called “The Dark Continent” by them because the light bills didn’t get paid. There was nearly nothing on the continent BUT dark-skinned peoples, millions of them, when the Caucasus people arrived seemingly “from out of nowhere.”

In an effort to retell and repaint the stories of ancient Black civilizations and cultures, white Anglo-Eurocaucasus types have gone to the hills of infinity and beyond replacing the faces of our very own Black ancestors of Africa and the Far East with their own myths and mythologies, one of which was Jesus Christ Himself. Yes, the Lord & Savior of the world was turned into a white man in Roman garb and sandals, with brunette hair and blue-green eyes and renamed “Jesus.”

A “sus” in Latin, meaning a wild animal or wildebeest or wild hog or boar of some kind, was a tag used at the end of all of the mythological “sus’s,” such as Zeus and many other myths devised from stories that came from Black men and women of old in Canaan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sardis, Babylon, etc. As our ancestor’s ancient languages of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic were translated to us from the British Anglo-Saxon and Spaniard’s ‘Latin Vulgate’, “je-sus” in Latin actually means “the pig.” Whether an intentional ruse of the Devil -who likely got a great kick out of that misspelling- or an innocent act of misspelling or mistranslation, the Name Above All Names has been taken and sorely used out of context.

His REAL name, Yahushuah (some say Yeshua) in Hebrew or Iashua, would translate to the name “JOSHUA” in English with that elusive “j” added that wasn’t a part of the Hebrew language. JOshua means “GOD IS SALVATION” and that is absolutely correct. As a child, the nickname “Emmanuel” also meant GOD IS WITH US.

You will get 100 arguments on the “name of Jesus” for every 100 persons you say this to, but Augustine (354-430) elaborates: “Of these five Greek words (Iesous, Christos, Theou, Uios, Soter), should you group together the letters, you would form the word ichthus, fish, the mystical name of Jesus the Christ who, in the abyss of our mortality, as though in the depths of the sea, was able to remain alive, that is, free from sin.” -The City of God 23-

There was nothing mystical about The Name Above All Names except the false way it was presented to the world by the Church of Rome in a European form in which it did not originate in Hebrew. In Greek, He became a fish; and in Latin, He became a pig, or wild boar of some kind. They were known to idolize animals, such as apes, bulls, cattle, and goats.

As a young woman, I was always taught about the ARABIC numbering system that underscored the learning of numbers and mathematical equations in the historical Greek sciences. I was also taught about how the United States of America was founded upon the principles of the Greeks and Romans and how their own ordered philosophies and mythologies and civilizations came out of ancient lands. Today, they do not give proper credit to the ancient “very Black” Arabs who taught them numbering systems, nor to the Sumerians and Babylonians and Hebrews and Egyptians from which their own alphabet came. Their Latin and British English writings (SAE’s, i.e., “American” language) is underscored and underwritten by Afroasiatic peoples. On a side note, EBONICS is not “bad English,” or “Black English,” it is a combination of mother tongues from various tribes in Africa mixed with English and American subcultures that was forced upon them so they could communicate with masters and slavers. May as well call it “red- white- and- blue-bonics.”

WORLD history itself was removed from African ancestors and tribal empires in Asia and Asia Minor to the start of the Greek and Roman societies, as if nothing “civilized” existed before white people.

However, the factual truth is that the “Bible” was already written in ancient textual Hebraic and Aramaic scrolls that contained reports and letters written by men of old, and these ancients from “Africa” and the so-called Middle East (now under white European dominance) and “Nubia” (ancient Canaan) were in existence LONG before Greece or Rome existed. The technologies and developments and various rules, laws, jobs, principles, and inherent legalistic/Mosaic codes of the antiquities were well underway before them.

“The Bible” may be 7,000 years old in summary and arrangement and translation by Latin peoples, but its original reporters and writers PRE-date both Greece AND Rome, by hundreds of THOUSANDS of years.

In HAMMURABI, the codification of American/Roman legal systems wasn’t even begun by a white-skinned European. Neither were Nimrod of Babylon, nor Nebuchadnezzar, who built the infamous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, European white Anglo or Caucasoid males.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel, with their unending infighting amongst brethren all the way from Cain and Abel to Israel/Jacob and Edom/Esau, these were all Northern Africans/Far and Middle Easterners hailing from Medea, Persia, and even Assyria, as well as from modern-day Mongolia and Russia.

Yes, “The Time of the Gentiles” is coming to an end, and that includes the Gentiles in Israel masquerading as “Jews” when they are not a Judean tribal people, but they are appropriators of Hebrew culture and religion from those who were MOMENTARILY exiled. Even Hitler knew that, and there is written evidence in his own words, of it.

They migrated over to what we now call the North American continent, where non-“white man” [i.e., “Native Americans”] peoples showed up in what is now known as the United States of America. There were no European whites here when they arrived, either.

The Natives (‘Indians’ and Eskimos/Chinooks, et al) were aboriginal to this land as its firstfruit.

They became ethnically mixed with whites and Spaniards much later by wars and colonialism, but it was not they, the white ones, who were put upon and destroyed and disenfranchised, it was their darker ancestors. They referred to “white man” as white because it was easy for them to see white since they were NOT a white people. How the Indigenous Native American tribes of originally dark and red-skinned thick wiry twisty-haired people have suddenly turned up nearly all white with stringy hair in this modern age is everyone’s guess.

But back to “The Bible”, or so these ancient Hebrew texts were called later…:

The sons of Noah and his wife — Shem, Ham, and Japheth — were all three Black Afro-Negroidal men, as were their children and grandchildren, and on and on.

Shem’s tribes ultimately led up to the one we call Lord & Savior and they are the founding fathers of the clan known as “Hebrews.” They are the “Shemitic” or SEMITIC people of Judah, along with the Arabic peoples who came from Ham’s loins and were later called Egypt and Ethiopia out of [Nubia] and Canaan.

There were no ‘white’ people in that part of the world AT THAT TIME. Years of wide open non-race-oriented research has proven this is true. Reddish-tinted people were reddish-black or what we call “redbones” now because they were a lighter shade of dark, EDOM; they were not ‘beet’ or blood red, nor did they have fur for skin or tails sticking out of their buttocks.

Ham/The Canaanites, Hamites, Hamathites, the forefathers of Edom, et al, were the earlier ancestors of the Egyptians, Babylonians, and their many tribes in Persian and Mesopotamia.

Japheth, the third brother and son of Noah, was the post-Diluvian founding father of those we now refer to as Afro-Asiatic peoples, many of whom who ended up being pushed to the very Far East/Asia. Many are now known as Pakistanis, the REAL Indians of INDIA, Indonesians, and Sri Lankans, as well as those pushed into China (from Mongolia to Russia) and Japan and back around the world again.

No, ALL African-Americans or “western-born native Africans” are not going to be traced back to Judah, the place from where the Judeans (later known as “Jews” in the English vernacular), came from. As it is with white people, most Black people out of Africa and the East are also Gentiles. Anyone who is not a Judean is a Gentile.

Judah, as we all have read, was the FOURTH son of twelve brothers, the Sons of the Tribes of Israel.

Only a REMNANT of us are left in this world. A REMNANT, just as the Bible said it would be at this great time in history.

So all that matters now, or ever did matter, is not race, nor ethnicity, nor background, not breed/pedigree, nor culture, nor past affiliations, but NOW all that matters is a direct
UNADULTERATED unapologetic non-blasphemous SINCERE relationship to the Son of God Himself, to wit Gentiles of all races and ethnicities have been invited to partake of as those
“engrafted in the Vine”.

How do we know God even exists?

Take a look at the world around you.

The world you live in now is no different than the one they lived in at the time. Except for the advancement of scientific and literary studies, which all began when the world allegedly exploded from ‘out of nowhere’, it stands to reason that this planet came from out of nowhere like Black people came from ‘out of nowhere.’ #NOT

However, when the day comes that mankind can egotistically say that Big Man Brains created the Hotel Dubai and the world just made itself up for no apparent reason, especially when the world can snap the Hotel Dubai in half like it’s a mere toothpick and can sink the unsinkable Titanic like it’s a rubber duck in a bathtub (see the book of Job and watch the news), then the world has truly gone quite mad.

Judah has since been destroyed, wiped out by the Assyrians and ultimately by the Caucasoid and Anglos who went over there; later by the Latin and Spanish peoples who came over here, as it was written by the ancients before it happened. Judah has been prophetically appropriated by nationalist and zionist Israelis, semitic Arabs, and by the Euro-Jewry (Jew-ISH) peoples; but it cannot remain as it is because it was not meant to.

They have no ultimate authority over the will of God.

Most of the Black people in America do not have origins in Israel (the ancient Northern Kingdom) or Judah (the ancient Southern Kingdom). Many of them truly are of Egyptian and Babylonian and ‘Nubian’ descent. They are from tribes all over the continent of Africa, so MOST western Black people with American roots in the transAtlantic slave trade are, in fact, Gentiles, along with Euro-whites.

But THE REMNANT is here now, ‘scattered to the four corners of Earth’, as the Bible also stated. The Remnant is mostly not aware of WHO they are, “King Lions” [YET]; but the eyes of some of us have become quickened, and wide open and awakened to the consciousness of it all by God -Yahweh- Himself.

When they kidnapped Blacks out of Africa and enslaved them, and/or when Black Semitic people were sold off by their own Arabic kinsmen, these Eastern relatives did not even know where they had been taken until the 1800s. BY the time the Moses Generation in America was screaming LET MY PEOPLE GO and physical slavery in the USA and the West was on its way out, that is how they found out where we were. Pharoah was here in moral effigy, but this time he was called the “Pontiff” of the Church of Rome who controlled the Brits and Anglo-Saxons (Caucasoidal) people who did the enslaving under the consent of the Queen of England.

As they drove these people westward, by hook or by crook, they had no care of WHO they were kidnapping, even the Kings, and Queens, and Potentates and Tribal Leaders, as well as the ones they described as “monkeys swinging in the jungles”, or the many “Nigerians” from which the word “Nigger” comes. It was said of these peoples by the slavers who were aware that they were messing with the ‘wrong’ Black people, “All ni&&ers look alike to us.” America has not been blessed because of its sins, it has been blessed BECAUSE WE ARE HERE, and the Spirit of God knows us and knows who we are.

Europe no more owns the verbiage of the Bible than they own the gold, uranium, diamonds, platinum or oil that they are milking the African continent for.

Parts of slavery-endowed America soon became “Israel Hill,” though whites ridiculed them as mentally inept for thinking they were descended from the old Mosaic order back East. BUT IT WAS TRUE; and they had never forgotten. Even those who could barely speak or write this foreign language in America never forgot where THEY came from.

Amazing Graces

There are those of us who have been quickened and awakened to our ancient Persian/Mesopotamian origins and can see it clear as bright daylight in the sun-that this has been proven and has withstood the Test of Time. There are also those who remain blind to it and that is also by design.

They preach and teach of Islamic traditions and Muslim homages and Arabic roots and Egyptian and Babylonian histories, and they laugh at us for persisting on being genetically tied into mere historic “shepherds” and “goatherders,” but it is highly likely that they are tied to those Canaanite/Babylonian areas in DNA, as well as in spirit and truth. In the meantime, we must NEVER FORGET that they, too, descended from Shem, and are also Semitic peoples just as we are; and some of them may have even descended from the smaller tribes of Japheth that mostly remained out East over the transom.

BUT THERE IS A REMNANT of Israel here in America, and in places like Haiti and other Caribbean islands, et al, where our Hebrew ancestors were taken into the Diasporas after being enslaved. NONE of the ones in Israel now were blood-related nor ethnic tribal descendants of the Jews ON ORIGIN. They are called Ashkenazi or Khazarian because they are not of the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. It was never even possible for The Christ to be a white man.

Whn my own DNA test has come back with a lineage that goes as far back as the Far East (the Afro-asiatic/Persian areas), I was certain of the areas where the ancients in me could be traced to in Persia/ ancient Mesopotamia; but the more recents were migrated over from Cameroon and Mali after they were taken from the so-called “middle/far East”. There is a portion of my DNA that is European (15% Scots-Irish), but I cannot take that piece of it seriously since there was disinheritance by default of race/skin color before I was ever born.

Believe the Bible, don’t believe it; but, disregarding it all together is nothing more than throwing away YET another important part of our/your own Black history.

This is yet another piece of the over-arching “puzzle” that is slowly coming back into its proper original position and its rightful place, a place that the world seems to know all about except for a vast majority of the people that its words are actually referring to.

For there is nothing new under the sun, so all we are going through now has been done and conquered, won and lost, tackled and defeated, before. Throughout the antiquities. I experienced what Job went through, and what it was like for Joseph to have gone through the familial rejection, and even how Hagar had to have felt when she was banished to the woods over something over which she had no control.

This world today is nothing more or less than a repetitious cycle of the same human activity that has gone on since the beginning of time; IN THE BEGINNING, and in the next Beginning, where Noah once was the topic of discussion when the Lord God said He was “heartily sorry” that He had created Man.

Man had become so absolutely corrupt -pre-Diluvian- that the Lord God made no attempt to “save” them as they built that Tower of Babel to their idols and declared themselves “gods” over the land, nor as they worked so hard to become lords of self and self-righteousness rather than to enjoy the gifts OF the Lord, its many varieties of fruits and vegetables and flowers and seeds and animal and plant life – ENDLESS non-stop “Paradiso” with something new to discover every single day. It was supposed to be unending. Eternal.

G_d just resolved it and wiped them all out in a real and total and full FLOOD of anguish and sadness. This flood has been documented by archaeologists and scientists the world over.

Oh, they may not think of rain as God’s tears, but we understand the allegory and its heart root meaning. Thunderous pools of heartbreak over His own creation, God’s tears drenching and engulfing the entire planet as He wept for 40 days and 40 nights over having to rid the Earth of them ALL. [Yahushuah wept.]

Yes, the Lord God Almighty takes FULL responsibility, like a REAL MAN would and should, for everything that WE do wrong.

“I create the darkness and the light, the good and the evil…”.. God knows that He is totally and well responsible for creating, and for even trying to love, US ALL. He wanted companionship and communion with us just as we do our own children and spouses and families and friends. He made us and gave us everything, and even in opposition to Himself and His own nature, He decided that we must love Him and others because we WANT to, out of our own hearts, not because we don’t have a choice.

GUARD your heart, for out of it –eternally– springs wells and wells of LIFEGIVING eternal energy that will live long after you are gone.

Though many of us choose to spit on and ridicule these gifts and talents that the world has to offer, and though we are often unthankful and behave as ingrates, the Lord God understands even that and forgives us, because truly NONE of us asked to be here. Life is a BEAUTIFUL GIFT filled with prosperities and bounties that we often take for granted.

This is the life that was given to us; and even worse is that we take for granted that same life that we give to OTHERS, these life-zapping planet-sucklings, who have suckled off our own magnanimous African teats, as if it was of no account.

It stands to reason that people who hate their own mothers and fathers would hate on God, also. Oh the unthankfulness, the peace we often forfeit, the needless pain we bear, because we choose to self-implode and destroy one another, rather than to build and increase and prosper and heal one another, and one as to the other.

While they, the Euro-caucasoids and Anglos and WASPS, may refer to my indigenous Africans as “people who came from out of nowhere,” they are actually the ones who showed up in Africa “from out of nowhere,” thuggishly blindsiding the Building and its Inhabitants.

In the many Eastern lands and continents where Black people had already been from the very beginning, IN THE BEGINNING, for more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION YEARS, they still represent the vast majority of earthlings to this day. Those who appeared from “out of nowhere” had a beginning and they have an ending. WE did not have either, for we were always here from the day of creation.

We Black folk/Afrocentric peoples have often referred to ourselves as the “people without a home,” wanted neither in Africa nor in the Americas or the Western World; but we always had a Home. A real one.

Though stories have been told ABOUT us that range all the way from outright ludicrous to pretty far-fetched, but potentially correct in some aspects; yet and still, they pretend not to know where we came from. But they do not know it because they were not in existence on this Earth when God created the First Man and they also have been lied to and have repeated those lies in confidence, not knowing anything themselves; or they do know of it, and with INTENT TO DECEIVE, have been trying to hide all along what only God Himself will reveal to us all soon enough.

Bottom Line: “God created Man, Man created white man”.

Our intent to BE gods by forming an alliance with a lying wonder, and to usurp His ultimate authority in the land rather than to obey (love) the Lord God and one another, is a usurious experiment that has failed, epically F-A-I-L-E-D. We are still attempting it to this day, and it just ain’t gonna happen. Ever. We MUST decrease in this decaying state so everything can be restored to its Proper Position.

Even when Lucifer himself tried to overthrow God from the Heavenly of Heavenlies and utterly failed, so have we failed at the same attempt. We choose to know what we cannot control or change rather than to feast from that which TRULY belongs to us, and this is why our Black ancestors lost it all and were ripped apart for what they had done.

Today, we have no leaders and no answers/resolutions because God is our only Leader, and God has the only answers there are.

That which Man created has come back to bite him in the buns with a vengeance, with the vengeance of a poisonous snake in a garden, a snake who blasphemed God by calling Him a liar, and by trying to relate the Good One as the evil one. Indeed, that is and was a WRETCHED thing as the song “Amazing Grace”, an African-inspired hymn written by a white man by the name of Newton, says.

Aren’t you tired of falling for the lie?

“Now unto Him who is able to keep us from falling, to the Only Wise God Our Savior, be glory and power and honor, Dominion and Majesty, both now and forevermore. Amen.”

To the Most Highest of All Mankind/Humanity that is and ever will be Almighty God; the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last; the same God Almighty who was, and is, and is yet to come: Selah.

So let it be written, so let it be done.


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