After Two Hours Of Marriage, This Man Asks For Divorce!! The reason is very banal but shocking..

It is the shortest marriage in history, one would be tempted to say.

The divorce occurred two hours after their union was sealed. This is the consequence of failure to comply with a prenuptial agreement.

The man from Saudi Arabia did not want to see the photos of the ceremony on the canvas. But the new bride, under the blow of the joy no doubt, posted them on Snapchat.

This publication of photos broke the contract with her ex-husband.

The husband’s relatives find the sentence very severe. However, the source indicates that the Saudi law allows men to divorce their wives without legal basis and the separation is immediately effective.

Cases of divorces of this kind have been reported.

One man asked for a divorce because he saw his wife’s face hidden until then by a veil and another because his wife did not respond to a message about Whatsapp.


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  1. I think she is very lucky to be rid of him. She’s beautiful, and deserves much better. He’s one of the butt ugliest men that I’ve ever seen. Adios, ugly dude. Kick him to the curb. Get a REAL man.

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