A Beautiful Video Showcasing Cape Town Captured By An International Actor Is Going Viral.

Innovativeness is his drive and his energy. Mark Wijsman’s independent work comprises of both visual and written content and while living in Cape Town he learnt to hustle, and do as many things that he holds dear.

“My portrait photography has been featured in Forbes Africa, Destiny Magazine, NBC and Grazia South Africa. You can find my full portfolio of my work, including booking rates, on my website.”

“As an actor, I have featured in television & film, theater and international commercials ranging from the United States, Asia, UK, France and South Africa.”

As a writer, he has written articles for Elle Magazine, Flamingo Magazine, the South African, SA People, Channel24 and Kaapstad Magazine.

He absolutely loved his time in South Africa and created this video, which has had over 100 000 views, before leaving our beautiful country.

“South Africa you BEAUTY! I couldn’t just leave the country without making an impression video of Cape Town and its surroundings. So I got my video material & timelapses together and got to work in the editing room. Here’s my under two minute video I made of the Mother City and South Africa. Do you recognise all these beautiful places?”

Watch the incredible video below:

Sources: Facebook

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