100% Proof That Whites Are Not Blacks That Left Africa – Historian!!

Whites have a missing link, Blacks do not.

Humans do NOT adapt to extreme temperature environments by changing color, or growing narrow noses. Many African Tribes have Long Pointed Noses while living in the same climate as Africans with short flat noses and lighter skin.

The original inhabitants of the Arctic regions: people who have actually MASTERED living in Cold, low SunLight environments, are ALL Brown skinned, flat-nosed Mongol people, such as Eskimos and Nenets, (they have lived in these areas since about 15,000 B.C.). Note; White people did not migrate to Scandinavia until the 12, 13th. centuries A.D. The White Sami are recent to the Arctic.
Another Weak Theory: Blacks “EVOLVED” into Whites in Europe, because of Vitamin “D” deficiency: or the other, that Whites are “Cold Adapted” humans, is not the obvious stupidity and falsity of the claims. Rather, it is the total, laughable, absurdity of the concept that Humans can “Evolve” in 6,000 – 12,000 years! And this is a claim being made by people who have the audacity to call themselves “Scientists”. Compare those ridiculous claims to the reality: It took Homo-Habilis approximately one Million years to “EVOLVE” into Homo-Erectus. And it took Homo-Erectus about another one Million years to “EVOLVE” into modern Man. After many failed Hoaxes like “Piltdown Man” , claiming whites came first and were superior to all others and “the Peking” man Hoax, whites will claim anything including being from Africa to explain their existence.

Whites are not cold adapted. The recent joint study by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency found that more than 80 percent of researchers to the South Pole were potentially exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays in excess of the recommended limits. Almost a third received more than five times these limits. Whites need SOLID Sunblock.
The Tropical Sun is not Safe for Whites and the Coldest, most Sun-Deprived places on Earth, are not safe for Whites.

Source: Blacks History And Africa Education

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